1. Get helpful tips for your first trip to the doctor from Albemarle

    Tips For Your First Trip To The Doctor

    Whether it’s your very first time at the doctor’s office or your first day with a new physician, we’ve all been a new patient somewhere. Sometimes switching doctors can be a stressful experience. At Albemarle Square Family Health, we’ve been helping new patients of all ages in Charlottesvill…Read More

  2. Albemarle Square's six tips to become more energetic

    6 Tips to Become More Energetic

    We’ve all felt it, that after lunch crash. Or maybe it happens at 8:30 am after you drop the kids of at school. If caffeine isn’t helping, or you want to try more natural practices, your local doctors at Albemarle Square Family Health have a few tips that may help you wake up throughout your day…Read More

  3. School safety tips to help you and your family this school year

    School Safety Tips for You and Your Kids

    School begins again next month to the joy of many parents. Whether your kids are seasoned school veterans or they’re new to the system they can always pick up a few extra tips to help them out for the new school year. Here are a few safety tips you can practice with your children today to make sur…Read More

  4. Safety Tips for Fireworks

    Firework season is here, and to help everyone have the safest July 4 possible, we would like to share some safety tips with you. Having a safe holiday is our biggest priority here at Albemarle Square Family Healthcare, and we hope you have the best possible time. Albemarle Square Family Healthcare i…Read More

  5. The Health Benefits of a Clean Home

    You’re a busy person, and like many of us, probably have a hard time keeping up with tidying up your house. You might dread coming home sometimes, or put off that mountain of laundry that needs to be folded, but other than the annoyance you feel, did you realize there are health issues that can ar…Read More

  6. Tips for seniors to reduce the risk of drug interactions

    How Seniors Can Reduce the Risk of Drug Interactions

    As people age, their need for medications can rise. Managing medicine for the elderly can become a tricky process, especially if they see multiple doctors or use more than one pharmacy. Seniors are particularly at risk for drug interactions because of these factors, and some of these interactions ca…Read More

  7. Stress management tips to help you through the summer time

    Stress Management Tips for the Summer

    For many families, the summertime brings change, and with that can come stress. Many times, stress can be positive—but it’s still stress. When the body experiences stress, it releases the hormone cortisol, which breaks down fat stored in the body and converts it to fuel (blood sugar) the body ca…Read More

  8. Summer safety tips to remember while you're on vacation

    Taking a Vacation? Here Are Some Summer Safety Tips

      Summer vacation time is just around the corner, and while this is a very fun time, precautions should also be taken to ensure the safety of your family. In this article, we’re going to share some helpful information to keep in mind as you’re taking time off for the summer. Albemarle Squar…Read More

  9. How to tell if your headache is actually a migraine

    Is Your Headache a Migraine?

    June is National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, and we not only want to spread awareness, but help you understand a little more about migraines. It’s reported that 30 million people suffer from migraines in the United States alone, and 75% of those people are women. If you think you might …Read More

  10. Ways to prevent developing skin cancer

    How to Prevent Skin Cancer

    Many of us are making our summer plans right about now, whether it’s a relaxing beach vacation, or lazy Sundays spent in the backyard. Regardless of where you go or what you do, skin cancer is something that should be on your mind (year-round, for that matter!). The prevention of skin cancer has a…Read More