1. Why Your Teenager is Always Tired (and What to do)

    Parent to teens and pre-teens might have noticed a big change in them when compared to their elementary-age years. Have you seen them as much lately? Are they sleeping the moment they get home from school and all weekend? And in the summertime, are you finding them catching more ZZZZZZs than UVs? If…Read More

  2. When to Call a Specialist

    Throughout your life, you might experience times where you need specialized care for health conditions. While your family physician might be capable of performing a number of treatments, sometimes there are conditions that go above their scope of specialty. However, you might not know when it's time…Read More

  3. What to do if Your Child is Being Bullied

    Bullying is a worldwide issue that affects children of all ages and demographics. While some might write off unkind words and actions with a glib, "Kids will be kids," this is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. Recent studies published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry showed that children who …Read More

  4. Stress Management Tips for Busy Parents

    Whether your kids are tiny or teenagers or you're working in or outside of the home, being a parent comes with a certain amount of stress. Stress comes in all sizes and packages, and while it's usually associated with a negative connotation, stress doesn't always mean that you're upset or having a b…Read More

  5. Reasons You’re Tired and What to do About it!

    It seems like once we hit adulthood, between working, parenting, and other activities, there's not much energy left. Many adults feel as if they're always tired, and chug coffee by the bucketful to stay awake throughout the day. But what happens if this feeling is never-ending? You've got to take ac…Read More

  6. How to Keep Your Toddler Busy

    Your toddler might be in a pre-school during the school year, which means they have buddies, activities, and other fun to keep them busy. But when your little guy is home with you, you very likely have some tough competition to keep up with! Don't fear the days off! At Albemarle Square Family Health…Read More

  7. How to Choose a New Doctor

    Choosing a new doctor or healthcare provider is a very personal and incredibly important decision. You might live in an area that is home to several medical practices, or in a small town with only a handful. Regardless of the availability of your access to quality healthcare, finding just the right …Read More

  8. Herbal Supplements: Are They Safe?

    We're probably all familiar with this situation: you post on social media that you're battling a headache, injury, or other health issue and you get a slew of responses to try herbal supplements or other complementary remedies. While your loved ones are surely coming from a well-meaning place, it is…Read More

  9. Heart Attack Symptoms for Women

    A common misconception is that heart attacks are mostly happening to men in their 40s. While this is certainly an age and gender where heart attacks are often seen, women are just as susceptible, and often don't recognize the symptoms that one is impending. Women have different symptoms of a heart a…Read More

  10. Nutrition for Senior Citizens

    Throughout the life cycle, there are very specific nutritional needs that need to be met. Whether you're feeding a baby, toddler, teenager, adult, or senior, nutritional needs vary throughout the lifespan, so it's important to understand that as the body changes, so do the foods that need to be cons…Read More