Tips for professionals on how to manage their stress from Albemarle

Working professionals face a number of stressors that can affect their mental and physical health. Stress can come from the workplace itself, but also come from your role as a parent, partner, and other factors. People have accepted that stress is a part of life—however, there are things you can do to lower your stress levels.

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Here are some ways you can work on your stress levels.

Get Enough Sleep

Your body not only rests when you sleep, but it’s a time for cellular regeneration. Your immune system goes to work when you’re at rest, so it’s important to get plenty of sleep—especially if you’re stressed In addition to this important immunity work, your mind will be rested enough to face the next day with clarity. You’ll be more focused, which will help you make better decisions and have a brighter outlook.

Eat Healthy Meals

When you’re on the go and have a busy lifestyle, you’re likely to let your eating habits slide. But proper nutrition is exactly what you need! While you probably don’t have time to count calories or pay attention to how balanced your meals are, a quick rule of thumb to a balanced meal is to look at the colors of the rainbow—you should have foods that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple (not artificially colored, of course!). If your entire meal is yellow, you’re not getting a balanced meal. Nutrition is key to staying healthy, boosting immunity, and having mental clarity.


We know you’re busy, and finding the time to get your heart pumping is probably difficult. That said, exercise is fantastic for combatting stress. It’s a wonderful outlet, for one. But it also releases endorphins, which make you happy and are natural painkillers. Take 30 minutes during lunch, wake up a little early, or go to bed just a bit later if that’s what it takes to squeeze in a workout. Walking, doing bodyweight exercises, or a quick workout video for 30 minutes at least five days a week, is ideal.

Identify What Stressors You Can Eliminate

Saying no is hard. The last thing you want to do is let down people who depend on you by turning down a request or participating in an organization. However, that comes at a cost to you. Downtime is important to balancing the demands of your job and home life. Other stressors that should be addressed include debt, toxic relationships, time management, and anything else that you can identify that could be causing stress.

Find Activities That Bring You Joy

When your life is hectic, you need to slow down a bit and find time to enjoy things. One of those things can be a hobby you’ve given up because you didn’t have time, or a hobby you’ve always wanted to try but never made a point to do so. Set aside time every week to put away your phone, shut off your computer, and put all your attention into an activity that you love!

Take Breaks Throughout the Day

The daily grind at work can sometimes become so immersive that you neglect taking breaks. Take at least two 10-minute breaks every day in addition to your lunch break. The quick mental break will give you a moment to recharge by taking a quick walk, making a phone call, or something else you enjoy doing. The important thing is that you take a few minutes away from your phone, your coworkers, the job you’re doing, and the high-stress environment.

Talk to Your Doctor

Stress has obvious physical effects, and making time to talk to your doctor should be a priority. If your blood pressure is high, you could be at risk for heart issues. If you have frequent heartburn, you could have gastric reflux or develop an ulcer. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re at risk for more frequent illness, among other things. But in addition to that, your doctor is a great person to talk to when you need help. At Albemarle Square Family Healthcare, we provide psychological services and can work with you through tough times.

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