New Year's resolutions that will actually benefit you

Every year, once people get past the holiday season, the next thing they focus on is setting resolutions for the new year. This can be fun and exciting, but also pretty daunting. And it’s likely that most of us look back at the past year and realize we didn’t make it past January 15…if we even remember what they were at all.

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Here are some tips for setting New Year’s resolutions you can stick to.

Start Small

One of the ways people get off-track when it comes to their resolutions is setting unreasonable goals. Sure, you might have 60 pounds you want to lose, but is it reasonable and attainable to achieve that in the two months you want to do it in? Not really. Instead of looking at the big picture to start, break the goal into smaller bites. Taking the weight loss example, if you have 60 pounds you would like to use, start with the first 10%, which is six pounds. Six pounds is a good first milestone, and when you reach it, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment! Now you have 54 pounds to go, and the next 10% of that is about five pounds. And so goes the rest of the process. Focus on the smaller parts of the process so you’re feeling as if you’re accomplishing strides along the way (and you most certainly are!)

Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over Mistakes

We all make mistakes. If we had a goal to run every morning and overslept, it’s natural that you’re going to choose to get to work on time rather than do the run. Instead of getting too upset over it, tell yourself that you can make it up either at lunchtime, after work, or just get back on track tomorrow. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, then move on. Analyze the reason you didn’t meet your goal, write it down, and come up with a way that you will improve next time!

Set Reasonable Goals

Setting goals that are reasonable and attainable are key to achieving success. If you’ve set a goal that is so far out of reach that you don’t have much chance of making it happen, you’re setting yourself up for failure and added stress. None of this is worth it! If your long-term goal is to lower your cholesterol, having the goal to do it in a week isn’t exactly doable. Talk to your healthcare provider about a reasonable amount of time that should take based on your health history and set a plan from there.

Keep a Journal

Tracking your goals, the steps to get there, and the emotions you’re feeling along the way is a fantastic way to stay on track. Whether you do this in a notebook, a phone app, or on your computer, you’re going to be able to keep track of your triumphs along the way. Journaling is a great way to relieve stress and to keep track of how well you’re doing!

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