Firework season is here, and to help everyone have the safest July 4 possible, we would like to share some safety tips with you. Having a safe holiday is our biggest priority here at Albemarle Square Family Healthcare, and we hope you have the best possible time.

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Here are some tips to follow when it comes to handling fireworks safely.

Follow Local and State Laws

The laws concerning fireworks and firecrackers have been implemented for a reason, and that’s primarily to keep everybody safe. Be sure that you know the laws wherever you’re spending your holiday to ensure that you and your friends and family don’t suffer any unnecessary injuries.

Read the Labels

It’s easy to take for granted what you’re using, and sometimes, you can become caught up in the fun and forget to really look at what you’re igniting. Reading the labels will give you a moment to evaluate where to put the device, how to place it, and in which direction it will eject its fiery projectiles.

Keep Children Safe

Kids love this time of year, and the lure of bright, fiery fireworks can sometimes prove to be too much. Make sure that you’ve secured the fireworks in a place where little ones can’t reach them. When they do get to use them, be sure to be right there with them to supervise. They should never be left alone with them, no matter how responsible they seem to be.

Wear Safety Glasses

Never stand directly over a firework you’re lighting. That said, accidents can happen, and they can emit their projectiles before you expect, or in directions that are unexpected. Wearing safety glasses can protect your precious eyes from accidents.

Don’t Re-Light the Duds

Duds happen. This can be especially hard to swallow when you’ve just spent a pretty penny on something that’s supposed to be spectacular. However, serious injuries could result from going back to light a dud. You never know how far the wick burned, and it could go off when you’re in firing range. If you do have a dud, wait several minutes to let it cool down, then put it in a bucket of water to eliminate any possibility of it going off later.

Don’t Point Them at People

It seems like a given to not point fireworks at people, but we’ve lost count of how many people visit us every year after having fireworks pointed at them. What might seem like fun and games at first can quickly turn serious—and even deadly.

Abstain From Alcohol

If you’re the adult who is in charge of lighting fireworks and firecrackers, don’t drink alcoholic beverages. Your judgment will not only be as heightened as it should be, but your response times will be lower. If you need to quickly move out of the way, or help a child who’s been injured, you won’t be able to take action quickly enough. Hold off on the adult beverages for afterward.

Don’t Use Illegal Fireworks

Illegal and homemade fireworks are a definite no-no. They’ve been banned for a reason, and that’s to keep you safe. M-80s and other explosives can cause serious damage to your body and to your property. If you see anybody using these, the best course of action is to contact your local police department and leave the area immediately.

We hope you have a wonderful Independence Day holiday! Be sure to follow safety precautions to have the best time possible!

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