Whether your kids are tiny or teenagers or you’re working in or outside of the home, being a parent comes with a certain amount of stress. Stress comes in all sizes and packages, and while it’s usually associated with a negative connotation, stress doesn’t always mean that you’re upset or having a bad go of things. As a parent who is in charge of raising a tiny human from infancy to adulthood, you need to take some time for yourself here and there.

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Here are some tips to help manage some of the stress in your life.

Get Enough Exercise

Getting enough exercise doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym for an hour a day. You’re likely already pretty active just chasing your kids around! But you should also take some time to dedicate to exercise, too. Taking a 30-60 minute walk around the neighborhood can clear the mind and serve as a good mental breather, too. If you can, enroll in a gym who offers childcare, and you’ll likely get to take a variety of classes to keep things interesting. Or specialize and build skills through yoga or martial arts, both of which are excellent at stress reduction. You know what you can do with your schedule, so be sure to make yourself a priority.

Find a Hobby

You don’t have to take up a hobby that’s expensive or time-consuming. If you love words, you can buy a notebook and a pen you love and write poetry or stories in it. Drawing or doodling is also stress-relieving, but if creating isn’t your forte, you can get an adult coloring book. Sewing, embroidery, knitting, and other needle arts are fun, and you’ll have lovely things to keep around your home, too. If you’re coming up short on ideas, check out your local rec center’s class offerings, and sign up for a few!

Talk to Somebody

Sometimes, when you’re home with the kids all day or balancing a job with kids and a spouse, you likely don’t find time just to sit down and talk. Reconnect with your spouse by scheduling date nights. Go out with your friends for lunch, or get together with your kids at a park so you can catch up while watching them play. If you feel that you’re down and need more help than a friend or spouse can offer, make an appointment with Albermarle Family Health or a therapist.

Keep a Journal

Journaling is a proven technique to managing stress, and some even find it soothing and meditative. You can write about your thoughts, things that you find stressful, or find a journaling workbook that guides you through writing exercises. If you don’t feel comfortable writing in a notebook, invest in an app or a program on your computer that you can write in.

These are just a few techniques to manage stress. As a parent, you have a lot on your plate. Albermarle Square Family Health recognizes this, and wants to make sure you’re engaging in self-care. make an appointment with us today!