How spring cleaning can benefit your health

Who doesn’t love the feeling of living in a clean home? We all know that in reality we’re probably not keeping our homes as clean as we would like due to busy schedules. That said, one thing not to neglect every year is spring cleaning. While many write this off, the truth is that spring cleaning can actually have health benefits—physically and mentally!

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Here are some of the benefits of spring cleaning.

A Clean Home Reduces Stress

It’s probably safe to say that most of us experience feelings of stress from time to time. But your home should be a haven for you, a place where you can relax and enjoy your time to yourself. When your home has clutter, as well as accumulating dust and other visible debris, studies have pointed to increased stress levels, which can lead to a weaker immune system and other health issues. You will feel more focused and less preoccupied with your messy environment.

A Clean Home Encourages Clean Behavior

When your home is messy, you’re more likely to leave things laying around and even add to the clutter. However, when your environment is fairly picked up, you’re going to feel a stronger urge to keep it that way. People with clean environments tend to be more active, more efficient, and more productive (this goes for home and work!). In fact, in a study that evaluated the correlation between a clean home and health, it was found that those who cleaned their homes lost weight and were overall more healthy.

Fewer Respiratory Issues

Reducing the amount of dust in your home can help alleviate respiratory issues, especially for those who have pets. When you dust, go beyond the tabletops—get the molding, fixtures, lights, and curtains (basically everything that has a surface!). You would be surprised at how much dust you’ll find on these overlooked surfaces.

Tips to Spring Clean Like a Pro

One of the reasons people put off such big tasks as spring cleaning is that it seems so daunting and even insurmountable. However, when you break it up over the course of a few weekends rather than trying to tackle it all at once, it will become much easier. Here are some ways to make it less stressful.

  • Get on board mentally. Read a book such as The Konmari Method, or join a Facebook group dedicated to cleaning (there are groups just for clutterbugs who post before and after photos for inspiration).
  • Create a schedule—and stick to it! Set aside time just to clean and create a strategy for what rooms or areas of the home you will get done. When you’ve met your goal, stop and reward yourself. Don’t stop until you’re finished.
  • Get the right supplies. This might seem frilly, but if part of the reason you hate cleaning is the awful smell, ditch those products and replace them with fresh-smelling cleaners and environmentally friendly products. If you love the way your home smells, you’re going to be more excited to keep going.
  • Focus on the zen you feel while in your cleaning zone. Cleaning can be a great stress reliever!

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