Preventative Health Maintenance and Wellness

Health and wellness is a spectrum. Our family doctors and nurse practitioners recognize that every person’s body is different, and each person has a unique personality, set of needs, and genetic predispositions. Our goal at Albemarle Square Family Healthcare is to help you flourish in body, mind, and spirit. We care deeply about our patients, and we aim to support our patients in living lives filled with wellness and joy. As such, we emphasize preventive medicine and health maintenance to set our patients up for success from the very beginning.

Health maintenance is a process that enables people to gain more control over and improve their health. We incorporate health maintenance by working to give our patients the tools they need to live a healthy life—an understanding of a healthy, balanced diet full of energy-rich, healing foods; a sustainable exercise regimen and tools for a generally active lifestyle; and an understanding of how to listen to their own bodies.

Preventive medicine is a type of medical practice that focuses on the health of individuals by protecting, promoting, and maintaining health and working to prevent disease and disability. In other words, we offer annual wellness evaluations and regular check-ups where we screen for disease, identify risk factors for things like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and discuss how you can promote a healthy lifestyle.

Starting and maintaining a proactive, preventive health regimen is essential to preventing disease and premature death. We want our patients to live their fullest, most joyful lives, and supporting them in living healthy lives is one way we can help them on their journey.

Both health promotion and preventive medicine look different for every single patient. Our main goals in this part of our practice are to build solid relationships with our patients and help them live their best lives. The better we know you, the better we can serve you.

Give us a call today to schedule your annual wellness exam with one of our family doctors or family nurse practitioners—we look forward to serving you!