With Halloween coming up, it’s time to regroup and talk about safety tips for this fun night. Even if you’ll be walking with your little ones while they’re hunting for candy, everybody needs to be on the same page.

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Here’s what you need to know to keep your kids safe on Halloween.

Consider the Colors

Your little ninja or black cat is going to be awfully hard to spot once the sun goes down. While you don’t want to ruin the costume by changing it up too much, you should consider a few options. One, you can purchase a headlamp for them to wear that will not only allow them to see better, but will make them more visible. You can also hit up your local craft store for reflective tape to put on shoes, bags, coats, and other areas. Make sure they are carrying flashlights, too!

Use Vanity Contact Lenses With Caution

The vanity lenses that can turn your irises white or make you look like an alien look amazing, but some carry heavy risks, including severe infections and blindness. If the contacts are integral to the rest of the costume, it’s best to get a prescription for them through your optician. While these will cost more, when you consider the cost to your health from the alternative, they are well worth it!

Safety in Numbers

If your age 12+ kiddos are heading out without you, make sure to organize a group. There is safety in numbers, and if your little ghoul is heading out with several others, be sure they stay in familiar areas.

Use Fire-resistant Materials

Whether you’re sewing your own costume or buying one, do double check that the materials are fire safety compliant. The costume should carry a tag that says so.

Put the Phone Down!

You’re probably used to seeing your child walking around at home with a cell phone in their face, which is dangerous enough in a familiar setting. When they’re in the dark and walking on the sidewalk or crossing streets, they’re putting themselves at very high risk for an accident. Remind them to stop in a safe area, then look at the phone.

Set a Curfew

Set a time for your kids to return home. If you need to, set an alarm on their phone to go off when it’s time to start heading back.

Wait to Eat the Candy

Kids should eat their candy only after they’ve returned home. For one, parents should have a few minutes to inspect it for anything suspicious (and call the police if something is suspicious!). And second, you want to make sure they’re not consuming thousands of calories in sugar all in one night. Talk ahead of time about nutritious eating habits so they have expectations set. Then, allow a certain number of pieces they can eat each day and stick to it.

At Albemarle Square Family Healthcare, it is our pleasure to wish you all a Happy Halloween! And when you need to make an appointment, get in touch with us today.