In last week’s blog, Albemarle Square Family Health went over some of the unhealthiest candies you can get this Halloween. This week, we’re highlighting some of the healthiest candies you can indulge on after you and the kids are done trick-r-treating. While “healthiest” is somewhat of a loose term, as most popular candies all have a high concentration of sugar, these ones prove to be healthier than others. Either because they have lower levels of sugar, fat, and calories, or they’re actually beneficial to your health, these popular Halloween candies have all made the list one way or another. So without further delay, let’s find out what the healthiest Halloween candies are.

5 – Laffy Taffyassorted-color candy pack lot

Willy Wonka would be proud knowing that his candy is one of the healthier options handed out this Halloween. Low in fat and mostly lower in calories, the Wonka inspired treat is still somewhat high in sugar. But, then again, what kind of candy isn’t? The stretchy candy may give your teeth a beating though, as the sweet is known to stick in between your pearly whites. But for the most part, at least compared to other candies, Laffy Taffy is on the healthier side of the spectrum. Just watch out for Oompa Loompas when you unwrap your favorite flavor of Wonka taffy this Halloween, especially if they start singing.

4 – Airheads

Ever notice how a lot of candies are named after insults? Airheads, Nerds, when will the name calling end? Nearly identical to that of Laffy Taffy, in nutrition and texture, Airheads are one of the more healthier candy options you may receive this Halloween. Low in fat, yet still somewhat high in calories and sugar, Airheads make for a nutritionally sound treat on all hallow’s eve. With eight flavors to choose from, beating out Laffy Taffy by five flavors, Airheads have a flavor to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth this Halloween. But like Laffy Taffy, the candy can be easily stashed in your teeth, so be sure to brush properly after you treat yourself post trick-r-treating.

3 – Sour Patch Kids

Sour, sweet, and here to stay, Sour Patch Kids are some the healthier candies you’ll find in your trick-r-treat bag this Halloween. Higher in sugar than the past two entries, Sour Patch Kids are low in calories and have zero grams of fat. Though they may be little pranksters in their commercials, Sour Patch Kids don’t pull any mean tricks when you’re downing them after an All Halllow’s Eve candy stroll. Introduced in the 1970’s, Sour Patch Kids were originally called Mars Men, but had their name changed once they made their way to the United States. When you look at one long enough, you can definitely see the resemblance to a little space alien.

2- Tootsie Pops

How many licks does it take to get to the ending of this blog? While we don’t recommend licking whatever it is you’re using to read this, we are sure you’ll enjoy the fact that tootsie pops are some of the more healthier candy options. Under 100 calories and only 11 grams of sugar, Tootsie Pops contain no fat. On top of their nutritional advantages, lollipops take a long time to eat, meaning you and your little ones won’t have time to devour a large amount of other candies while you try to upstage that know-it-all owl. If you don’t understand that reference you’re either too young or never saw a commercial in the last few decades.

1 – Smarties

The best candy for you in terms of calorie, fat, and sugar content are Smarties. Basically being made out of pure sugar, Smarties have zero fat and just 25 calories per serving. With just six grams of sugar per package, Smarties are the smart Halloween candy to indulge in this Halloween. They also have the added bonus of being one of the only popular candies to be gluten free, dairy free, and peanut free.

We here at Albemarle hope you enjoyed this two part series. If you’re looking for a pediatrician in Charlottesville, stop by Albemarle Square for all of your healthcare needs. View our last blog to see the unhealthiest Halloween candies, learn more about Albemarle, or contact us to make an appointment.