1. The Benefits of a Family Doctor

    If you’ve ever bounced around from doctor to doctor, you know how stressful the whole process can be. Filling out paperwork every time you get a new doctor, having to go over your basic information with your doctor over and over again, having to readjust to a new doctor’s style, and more can all…Read More

  2. Albemarle Square's back to school tips for your family

    Back To School Tips For Your Family

    It’s that time of the year again where parents rejoice as their kids go back to school. You’ve done their back to school shopping and have them ready to rock every subject that comes their way. For many, school may have already started, but if you didn’t prepare for the new school year in the …Read More

  3. Get helpful tips for your first trip to the doctor from Albemarle

    Tips For Your First Trip To The Doctor

    Whether it’s your very first time at the doctor’s office or your first day with a new physician, we’ve all been a new patient somewhere. Sometimes switching doctors can be a stressful experience. At Albemarle Square Family Health, we’ve been helping new patients of all ages in Charlottesvill…Read More

  4. School safety tips to help you and your family this school year

    School Safety Tips for You and Your Kids

    School begins again next month to the joy of many parents. Whether your kids are seasoned school veterans or they’re new to the system they can always pick up a few extra tips to help them out for the new school year. Here are a few safety tips you can practice with your children today to make sur…Read More

  5. Tips for professionals on how to manage their stress from Albemarle

    How Busy Professionals Can Keep Stress Levels Low

    Working professionals face a number of stressors that can affect their mental and physical health. Stress can come from the workplace itself, but also come from your role as a parent, partner, and other factors. People have accepted that stress is a part of life—however, there are things you can d…Read More

  6. Learn about the places germs love to live in your office

    The Germiest Places in Your Office

    With cold and flu season well underway, taking care to avoid spreading germs is even more important now more than ever. While you probably can’t get Jerry from accounting to stay home when he’s got that nasty respiratory bug, you and your office mates can take steps to lower your chances of gett…Read More

  7. Stress management tips for parents of children with special needs

    Stress Management Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs

    As a parent, stress comes with the territory. You’re likely wondering if you have enough energy to keep up with your toddler’s shenanigans, or to take your children to all their extra-curriculars. And on top of that, you might have a job to go to or a house to take care of, and, of course, a spo…Read More

  8. New Year's resolutions that will actually benefit you

    New Year’s Resolutions—The Right Way

    Every year, once people get past the holiday season, the next thing they focus on is setting resolutions for the new year. This can be fun and exciting, but also pretty daunting. And it’s likely that most of us look back at the past year and realize we didn’t make it past January 15…if we even…Read More

  9. How to tell if you have depression

    The Signs and Symptoms of Depression

    Depression is a condition that affects not only the mind and emotional health, but can bring on physical symptoms as well. If you or somebody you know is suffering from depression, taking action quickly is of critical importance. To know and understand what depression looks like, it’s important to…Read More

  10. December is National Impaired Driving Awareness Month

    The holiday season that runs from Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve is certainly a fun one. You'll likely be going to a lot of parties, catching up with friends, and having a great time in general. However, sometimes that fun is accompanied by alcohol, and since it's National Impaired Driving Mont…Read More